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HummingbirdKids offers a range of personalized services to help guide and support every family through their journey. As your child learns and grows, so do their needs. All of our services are completely individualized and regularly assessed and adjusted to ensure your child receives ongoing support and effective treatment. Our services are designed to support children with autism, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, learning disabilities or any other level of ability. 

child taking assessment


Assessment is often the first step of any therapeutic journey. We offer several comprehensive assessments, based off your child's age, skill level and your goals. These assessments are used to create completely personalized therapy programs for your child. 

child playing with blocks


Our monthly workshops cover the most frequently asked questions and most common issues that families face. These workshops are ideal for parents looking for support on specific topics or want to participate in a discussion and ask questions.

father hugging child

Parent Support

Parents of children of all abilities need support from time to time. We offer a private member's area for parents to participate in group discussions, ask anonymous questions or directly communicate with our therapists. 

child brushing teeth in mirror

Life Skills Therapy

Our Life Skills Therapy programs are our most involved level of support. These programs involve teaching new skills and adjusting old behaviors during every day life. These programs focus on educating parents and giving families the tools and support they need to enable positive changes, while bringing their children to their full potential. 

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