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About Us

Liana La Rocca

My name is Liana La Rocca and I have been professionally working with children for over ten years. I have experience in a variety of home, clinic, school and community settings. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, with a focus on Learning and Behaviour and Child Development. In my free time, I write and illustrate children's books, read, run and snuggle my cats.


 I created HummingbirdKids and the Life Skills Program because I wasn't happy with the way other service providers offered their services. My goal is to make my program accessible to children of all abilities, regardless of location, diagnosis, funding or accessibility. I want to empower parents and share my knowledge with them. I believe parents are the most effective therapist because they know their child best and can incorporate my programs into their everyday life.


If you're ready to support your child and improve their skills, please reach out today

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