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Are your services covered by the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)?

Yes! Our Life Skills Therapy Program is covered by both the childhood budget and interim one-time funding and falls under the category of "additional autism services and supports".  The OAP will cover our Life Skills Therapy Program, any assessments and any materials required for the program, as well as our workshops and parent support. 

Is my child eligible for services?

Yes! We offer support for children of any ability, and our personalized plans meet any child's needs. We have no entry requirements, and we support children virtually all over Ontario. 

Do you have a waitlist?

No! Because our services are almost completely virtual, this means we do not have a waitlist and can offer support to more children. After purchasing a program, our Lead Therapist will be in touch to set up initial assessments and start planning programs. 

Who do I contact with more questions?

Feel free to email us at for any questions or extra information!

We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to navigate the abundance of information available to parents and caregivers. Please see below some of our frequently asked questions, as well as a list of our most trusted websites. 

Helpful Links

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