Welcome to HummingbirdKids!

Welcome to HummingbirdKids! My name is Liana La Rocca and I am the founder of HummingbirdKids and the director of services. As of right now, my team is pretty small! It is just myself and our wonderful BCBA, Alia Amer.

I created HummingbirdKids with a vision to help every child, no matter their ability, skill level, needs or goals, become an independent person. I've worked for several companies and none of them were exactly what I was looking for. At HBK, your child's plan will change as your child grows and learns. Your child's life isn't static, so why should their goals be? Each child's plans are individualized and personalized based on their interests and skill levels.

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call: (519) 216-3068


Instagram: @_hummingbirdkids

Facebook: HummingbirdKids

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