Girl learning to get dressed with life skills

What are Life Skills?

Our unique Life Skills program is designed to teach the abilities needed to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life, featuring sections for some of the most common challenges:


If your child only eats chicken nuggets or pasta, our food sensitivity and eating section is designed to introduce new foods to picky eaters with same food preferences. The hygiene section is designed to promote basic self-care skills as well as potty train older children. Responding to their name, pointing and other communication skills are taught through the social skills section. 

How do you assess Life Skills?

HummingbirdKids uses a variety of assessment methods and questionnaires, depending on your child's age and skill levels, to determine their current repertoire of life skills. If any gaps of knowledge are noticed, you may be interested in taking the next step and scheduling regular life skills sessions. 

Contact Us to set up an assessment with your child, to determine if he or she would benefit from learning life skills!

Child learning potty training life skills

How do you teach Life Skills?

Depending on which skills and goals we are focused on, there are many methods used to teach skills. All of our methods focus on praising correct attempts and promoting independence. Children are encouraged to complete each skill with as little adult help as possible. 

Skills are periodically assessed to determine if they have been learned or if the teaching method should be switched up. Teaching is done as naturally and as fun as possible - for example, we might plan a messy art activity to supply an opportunity to wash our hands!