Does my child need to have autism to receive services?

No! Our team has experience working with children of all abilities and our services can be personalized to fit everyone's needs. Our services teach important skills and abilities that can benefit all children. 

What is the cost of services?


HummingbirdKids prides ourselves on providing services to families of all financial situations. The cost of services can vary so the best way to get an estimate is to Contact Us.  

What methods are used to teach my child?​

Our services are led by the child's unique special motivations and interests to provide fun and engaging supports. Positive reinforcement is used to encourage the development of functional behaviour and skills and natural environment teaching is used to teach skills in all environments and promote generalization.

Where do services take place?​

As of right now HummingbirdKids offers services in the client's home and community, and through Zoom telehealth.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?​

Every child has their own personal set of reinforcers and toys that are disinfected daily. Our service providers are double-vaccinated and can wear masks, face shields and gloves upon request.