Life skills are the abilities needed to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Using personalized goals, a balance of knowledge, skills and attitudes is taught through fun, engaging and child-led activities. 

These life skills include abilities such as dressing, toilet training, brushing teeth, functional communication, social cues and nuances, bike riding, road safety, stranger danger, first aid, restaurant etiquette and so much more. 

Girl learning to get dressed with life skills

Our tutoring services offer comprehensive and individualized lessons on any needed academic topics. We also provide supports to learn studying, focus and attention and motivation skills, as well as table etiquette and writing and reading skills.

Boy having fun during respite
Child learning through tutoring
Parent hugging child after parent training

Respite care includes babysitting and nannying services designed to provide relief to parents and caregivers. 

Respite care includes assisting the client with any daily challenges, as well as fun activities and outings. With parents' permission, outings can be planned to splash pads, parks, museums, zoos, libraries, fast food restaurants, conservatories, gardens and other activities for no extra cost. 

Parent training provides support and encouragement for parents and caregivers dealing with challenging behaviours, phases or milestones in their child's life. 

These services can be offered in person or through tele-health to provide support for parents anywhere. Support is provided on a variety of topics, including potty training, bedtime rituals, daily schedules, school behaviours and more.